Get ready for the night of your life. Our concert will be held in the legendary Pauley Pavillion and will keep you on your feet all night long (so wear comfortable shoes). We have a star-studded lineup, ready to welcome you back home.

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Ty Dolla $ign

TyDolla$ign was born into music.

The ability to produce music in various genres while retaining a signature sound is what TyDolla$ign prides himself on.
With major labels calling, millions of online views, and co-signs from Snoop Dogg and Will.I.Am., the movement is on the rise. TyDolla$ign continues to tour all over the country to promote his mixtapes and additional projects. As TyDolla$ign continues to find commercial success producing, he's amassing a huge following as an artist.


A modern staple to festival lineups.

Norway's Tom Stræte Lagergren (aka Matoma) is a DJ and producer known for his dance-oriented, tropical house music. By 2014, he had started to gain international recognition for his Matoma remixes, including cuts for Jessie J, Akon, Enrique Iglesias, and others.

Sweater Beats

"Just trying to make you feel something"

The Philippines and suburban Maryland aren't exactly R&B or dance music hot beds, but they didn't need to be for Antonio
Cuna aka Sweater Beats to ingest both genres and spit out an exciting new hybrid, melding the sensuality of contemporary R&B with the immediacy of dance music.